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What is Conversion Rate Optimization Software?

CRO software offers a range of analytics tools that you can use to analyze visitor feedback and enhance performance. The solution provides useful metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that you can use to get deep insights to improve your online strategies. Show moreThis system can help you convert passive website visitors into active buyers. Business owners can use CRO software to understand the needs of their website visitors and customers and provide them a great user experience. Another benefit is the platform can help you to identify and discover complications and issues inside the conversion funnel. You can consider the top system in this category which is Hotjar, and also browse the reviews of other leading programs prepared by our team of B2B software experts.Show less

How was this ranking made?

To come up with this ranking of best Conversion Rate Optimization Software we have examined 352 various tools currently present on the market, analyzing their features, ease-of-use, customer service, possible integrations as well as mobile device support with our patented SmartScoreTM rating algorithm. This ranking has been created by Louie Andre, our software authority responsible for the Conversion Rate Optimization Software category.

List of Top 12 Conversion Rate Optimization Software

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1. SE Ranking

Our score: 9.2 User satisfaction: 94%

A cloud-based marketing platform for SEO and marketing professionals, SE Ranking comes with tools for SEO auditing, advanced keyword analysis, keyword grouping, competitor analysis, website ranking, and others. For SEO newbies, SE Ranking also offers comprehensive checklists, SEO guides, and best practices.

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2. Freshmarketer

Our score: 8.8 User satisfaction: 100%

Freshmarketer is a conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool designed to help marketing agencies and digital marketers in converting website visitors into paying customers. It assists users in creating more targeted customer experiences. The platform does this by providing features, such as A/B testing, session replay, and heatmaps, among others.

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3. FACT-Finder

Our score: 9.1 User satisfaction: 96%

A powerful suite of onsite search, navigation, and merchandising solutions. The platform has a powerful AI at its core supporting its robust functions for campaign management, customer service desk, and A/B testing among others. It also features a recommendation engine and faceted navigation.

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4. Hotjar

Our score: 9.6 User satisfaction: 98%

An analysis and feedback tool aimed to make sense of user behavior on your site to help you improve customer experience. It provides enhanced visibility to your website's performance, user behavior, and user experience. It also includes advanced tools such as heatmaps, conversion funnels, and more.

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5. Moz Pro

Our score: 9.5 User satisfaction: 99%

Moz Pro is a complete SEO toolkit for improved search engine ranking and visibility, site error analysis, SEO opportunities identification, reporting, and optimization. It implements critical SEO metrics such as Page Authority and Domain Authority that improves the overall performance of your website.

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6. Optimizely

Our score: 9.0 User satisfaction: 100%

This web-based experimentation platform offers easy to use A/B testing tools to help businesses optimize their websites. Optimizely supports multivariate and multipage testing across different domains. It also comes with a simple drag-and-drop visual editor, predictive analytics, behavioral audience targeting, and campaign management among others.

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7. Unbounce

Our score: 9.0 User satisfaction: 97%

Unbounce enables you to enhance your marketing experience and tap leads more effectively. You can develop, test, and publish landing pages to easily reach your target customers. It is simple to launch pages using existing templates and features that are optimized for mobile experience as well.

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8. Smartlook

Our score: 9.0 User satisfaction:

Smartlook aims to deliver qualitative analytics using various optimization tools such as event tracking and sessions. Its main functionalities include click heatmaps, visitor recordings, funnels, and event tracking. Combining the data from these features will allow you to improve the performance of your web pages and optimize it for conversion.

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9. Crazy Egg

Our score: 8.9 User satisfaction: 39%

Crazy Egg allows you to boost your sales by allowing you to have full control over various strategies. It includes scroll maps, heatmaps, and click reports that make it easy to understand your visitors' behavior on the website. You can identify conversion opportunities to improve each page's performance.

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10. Zoho PageSense

Our score: 8.6 User satisfaction: 100%

Zoho PageSense is a conversion optimization and personalization platform so you can measure various web metrics. You can easily understand your visitor's behavior and personalize your website to maximize conversion. Using the application, you can track, analyze, and optimize key website metrics so you can improve engagement, conversion, and sales.

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11. WordLift

Our score: 8.0 User satisfaction: 100%

WordLift turns WordPress in a semantic content management system. It brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to help you produce richer content and prepare it for your audience.

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12. CleverTap

Our score: 8.4 User satisfaction: 100%

CleverTap delivers a powerful, unified, integrated, and comprehensive behavioral analytics platform that drives engagement that is centered on the end users of your apps.

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Conversion Rate Optimization Software Guide

Table of contents

In order to shortlist the best conversion rate optimization tools, you should first realize what they do and how they are used. The term encompasses a wide range of analytical platforms and features that are designed to improve conversion channels in a way that will transform passive users into active ones or into customers. Conversion rate optimization tools are adopted by companies of all sizes and from all industries as the need to optimize sales funnels and user experience is universal. These solutions will also allow you to enhance your resource allocation and should get rid of most obstacles that stand in the way of offering perfect user experience to your customers.

Get to know each product with free trial

Conversion rate optimization software providers offer free trials or demo of their products to help prospective customers try out the features beforehand. You can use the free trial period to check if the app meets your business requirements and also do a general comparison of different solutions. You can start looking for the best conversion rate optimization software by signing up for the unpaid plans or free trials of the following leading conversion rate optimization tools: Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer, and Crazy Egg. These applications have received high rankings in our conversion rate optimization software reviews. 

Targeted Businesses

Conversion rate optimization software tools can be useful to every business intending to gauge current conversion rates, detect conversion channel obstacles, and draft their action plan. Still, there are few scenarios in which CRO software is most helpful:

  • Small Businesses looking to improve their market position. The fact that a business is small doesn’t have to mean it needs additional development, but regardless of the number of visitors the CRO system can always make conversion painless for the sales team.
  • Medium Businesses looking to remain competitive. Competitiveness requires bigger investments, and that’s quite self-explanatory, but a proper CRO tool will at least ensure money are spent properly to address the most important issues.
  • Large Businesses looking to lower acquisition costs and to maximize profits. Once a CRO system is in place and employed, companies get to see how much they spend per customer, a benefit which only becomes more important as the number of customers grows. Once that’s calculated the system ties conversion rates directly with profit, and directs it to the bottom line with minimal effort.
  • Ecommerce Businesses. Online businesses can use various CRO features to understand which products or services attract the most customers. It can also help businesses publish landing pages quickly.

What are Examples of Conversion Rate Optimization Software?

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is world’s most popular and free app for measuring ROI, which is also empowered to track media content and social networking sites on all devices, and across all geographies.
  • Kissmetrics: Kissmetrics is a popular, yet paid option which offers a considerable degree of flexibility and increases customer value. You can also use it across multiple devices and geographies, and integrate it with a variety of third-party apps to extract and identify information.
  • Instapage: An award-winning landing page optimizer for small business on a fair price. It offers more than 100 landing page templates, and simplifies building complex layouts with a single line of coding.
  • Monetate: This CRO system is considerably powerful for anticipating trends and reacting to them, as it provides a variety of big data insights, and offers advanced personalization.
  • Leadpages: Leadpages help businesses grow with a suite of powerful optimization features, including landing page templates, pop up forms, social media, opt-in codes, A/B testing, and so on.

Types of Conversion Rate Optimization Software

Every CRO system is designed to help under-optimized websites, but before you ‘land’ on the ideal program for your business, you should familiarize with specific groups of functions, and how they can help you draft a business-specific optimization strategy:

  • Landing Page Optimization Software. The landing page is the dominant element of every website, as it is the place where users build lasting impressions and where your strategy starts delivering the first results. Therefore, many CRO software developers focus on this specific element, and help you optimize titles, proof points, and calls to action to improve the experience you’re delivering to your users and to boost your conversion rates.
  • Bounce/Exit Rates Reduction Software. You’ve optimized your landing page following every ‘sacred rule’ of usability, but your website is still not delivering the desired conversion numbers. There are many CRO apps designed with a similar scenario in mind, and they aim to calculate the individual/general exit rates, test users, and analyze the most serious offenders that cause users to click on the ‘Back’ button.
  • Funnel Optimization, A/B Testing & Heat Mapping Services. Most of the time, the CRO system will encompass a variety of analytic functions to make the website marketing-competitive, and evaluate its traffic sources end-to-end, but there will also be simplified chop-off analytic versions which perform a single type of testing (A/B, for instance). You can consider similar products with an incomplete analytic tool in place, or when interested to examine a particular aspect of your website.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Solutions. Various CRO tools allow you to identify the characteristics of your customers’ demographics. You can define your audience and generate data based on their behavior. You can then modify your web presence to maximize conversion based on the collected information.

Key Features of Conversion Rate Optimization Software

Our detailed comparisons show that these are the most important features to expect from the best conversion rate optimization tools:

  • Analytics. Remember that the ultimate purpose of your CRO app is to report on what is happening on your website at every given moment, and to drill down to every user and specific piece of content and examine their effect on your conversion rates. For the purpose, accept nothing but an analytic package full of audience segregation and tracking metrics and indicators.
  • User Surveys. Analytics will only briefly insinuate what your customers need, but the real tricks on how to optimize your website to meet their expectations lays in conducting surveys directly through your CRO app. Their feedback will be just priceless to draft a smarter optimization strategy, and to improve users’ experience.
  • Usability Testing. The CRO app is supposed to help you test the interaction between the website and your users, examine changes, or predict consequences before you’ve introduced a new page. Ideally, you should be able to ask users directly for feedback, and to spot barriers you’d otherwise skip just because of being unable to look at your website from a users’ perspective.
  • A/B and Multi-Variant Testing. The ideal conversion rate optimization system should offer a variety of performance examination methods. It should help you to observe how metrics are changing and compare accomplishments on before-and-after basis to detect both positive and negative trends.
  • Heatmaps. Both heatmaps and scroll maps were designed for website owners to see where users click most of the time, and to examine their placement expectations based on it. Wrong placement is an exceptionally frequent funnel block, which is why you should only accept an app that can display obstacles graphically.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization Software

We’ve been highlighting the business importance of CRO from the very beginning of this article, but we’ve only briefly tackled the organizational support it can provide for your website. Now, it is time to examine the benefits in detail, and to check how individual conversion operations can affect your productivity rates:  

  • It improves your business, regardless of your current position. As we already explained, CRO software can help businesses from all scales, and its functionality has little to do with how your website was designed, or for how long it existed.
  • It is less costly than paid advertising. As robust and professional as your CRO app may be, it will still cost way less than paid advertising. Besides, promoting your business around will bring users to boost traffic rates, but won’t reveal or solve the problems you already have, and because of which users won’t spend that much time on your website.
  • It helps you target the right audience. Unless you’re delivering bread online, you’ve targeted a specific audience that is most likely to convert, and your CRO program can help you attract it. It is not enough for users to like your product – they need to love it!
  • It works with the resources you already have. You may need to pay to obtain it, but CRO software won’t require you to introduce specific or expensive methods to attract customers. It will simply get the job done as they arrive, and you will record some serious savings and an increased ROI return rate. A collateral benefit is that you’ll also get to reduce acquisition costs.
  • It boosts your profit. Sounds too good to be true, but that’s the way it is. CRO software makes use of the intimate tie between your profit and your conversions, and leaves more money to be invested in similar strategies.
  • It highlights your brand. Great conversion rates are connected to your image just the way they are to your profit, so expect them to make your brand more valuable in the eyes of partners, affiliates, and competitors.
  • It increases your market share. The truth is the conversion rate optimization is still quite unexplored, which can be as good for some businesses as it is perilous for others. Traffic drives traffic, which means that a properly executed CRO strategy can turn you in a market leader before you’ve even understood what is happening.

CRO is all about examining and measuring trends, which makes it essential to adapt to the market and to stay ahead of the game. These are the trends you should pay specific attention to at this moment:

  • Sticky navigation elements are becoming more powerful. Sticky navigation elements such as header menus and CTA buttons are becoming more and more popular on many websites, and it is because they maximize conversion by simply de-cluttering the landing page. Test them to see whether they can work for your website too.
  • Video content is becoming compulsory. You don’t get to influence audience by writing lists of to-dos, and we believe you knew that even before arriving to this section. Still, we all tend to act as an average online promoter who’s too lazy to think of creative ways to share content, and that’s where we get things wrong. In the CRO world, what we don’t say or do can be used against us, so it may be the time to take the ‘video matters’ in our hands.
  • The hot topic is personalization. Web designers often wonder if there is something to redesign that hasn’t been redesigned yet, and they’re right to do so. It even seems that the market is overcoming its crazy affection for usability, leaving the crown to the only things that can differentiate websites from each other – the websites themselves. According to few expert reports from 2015, personalization will stay in the spotlight for quite a while, so you may consider putting customizability on your list of priorities.

Potential Issues

There is no such thing as an ideal optimization strategy, and that’s where the core of all CRO problems is suspected to hide. Still, it is up to you to decide whether you’re going to give up or go with the flow, the later being your only chance to stay competitive on the market.

These are the drawbacks you should consider before purchasing a CRO program:

  • It will perform the testing for you, but only upon command. Yes, CRO apps are powerful enough to showcase dangerous trends and to suggest solutions, but unless you get all serious about it, it won’t happen. Due to the variable nature of the market, you’ll be required to retrigger the process more often than you think, and it won’t mean that your CRO app did not perform well.
  • It will reduce advertising expenses, but it won’t eliminate them. With a proper CRO in place you’ll be able to improve user experience and to retain them on your website, but a strategy is still needed to get them there. Nevertheless, chances are you’ll spend significantly less on advertising, at least compared to the money you poured down the drain when you relied on advertising only.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Conversion Rate Optimization Software

Conversion rate optimization software is an expensive investment for any company. As such, you need to make sure that you carefully consider the following factors before choosing a platform:

  • CRO Process. Even before considering a tool, you need to develop a CRO strategy. List down your priorities and goals, including realistic timelines. Furthermore, you also need to identify various opportunities and potential risks, so you know what kind of data to collect.
  • Type of CRO. Conversion rate optimization includes a wide range of metrics with varying importance. Based on your strategy, you need to identify which of these metrics are the most critical so you can choose the best tools to accomplish your goals. For example, if you are launching services or products, you may want to consider landing page builders along with page rendering tools or A/B testing apps.
  • Pricing Flexibility. A CRO process constantly changes as you develop new products or acquire new clients. As such, you may want to consider a solution that offers flexible pricing, especially if your budget is limited. Then, you can upgrade to more advanced tools as your business grows.

Key Website Elements for CRO

A website is essentially your key presence online. That means you need to maximize its various parts to convert visitors into paying customers. Here are some of the key elements that you need to develop:

  • Homepage. Your website’s homepage is a perfect opportunity to capture leads and turn them into regular customers. You can use it to guide your visitors to various parts of your website or products and services. It is also a great place for various call-to-action elements.
  • Blog. This section of your website is a great conversion opportunity. You can publish relevant content to attract new visitors. You can invite readers to explore the rest of your website or collect their contact information.
  • Landing Pages. These pages are meant to encourage visitors to take action such as register, provide contact information, and even purchase your products or services. As such, these pages also need in-depth analysis to maximize conversion opportunities.
  • Pricing Page. A pricing page can make or break a conversion opportunity. By designing pricing packages for various target markets, you can attract more customers and encourage upgrades.

List of Conversion Rate Optimization Software Companies

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Conversion Rate Optimization Software
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Conversion Rate Optimization Software
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Conversion Rate Optimization Software

Things to consider when you invest in a SaaS

To select a suitable SaaS vendor you need to consider important criteria such as privacy and security, support and service, and transparency.

Find out if the provider can be trusted with data security and privacy. Do they have procedures in place to protect your private information and data? Find about the security processes they use. This is an important element of a SaaS system that cannot be over-emphasized.

It is important that the provider provides reliable support to resolve any problems quickly. Ask your potential vendors the following queries: Do they offer consulting and training services to assist your staff members to use the solution efficiently? Do they have an online support center that has useful articles and training materials? What channels of support do they provide? Do they monitor problems till they are resolved? Is customer satisfaction measured?

Does the SaaS vendor conduct their business in a transparent and open manner? You can find out by asking them for references you can contact. Talk to existing customers of the software to find out about the quality of service provided. Does the vendor make public the algorithms they employ in the platform? Ask these queries to find a SaaS vendor whom you can trust with your sensitive customer and business data.

Frequently asked questions about Conversion Rate Optimization Software

What is the best conversion rate optimization software?

The best conversion rate optimization software is SE Ranking. The all-in-one SEO and marketing platform offers a wide array of tools to optimize your websites for conversion. It includes features such as website ranking, keyword suggestion, SEO auditing, and more.

Its SEO toolbox includes some of the most effective in the market. Start by exploring topics using keyword grouping and suggestion tools to develop various marketing plans and campaigns. These apps are essential to creating your core CRO strategies.

After launching your online presence, you can collect relevant data based on your defined metrics. SE Ranking includes an effective website audit to identify the SEO strengths and weaknesses of your website. Additionally, the included on-page checker will help you improve your page’s SEO performance.

What are the benefits of conversion rate optimization software?

At its core, a conversion rate optimization software should enable you to collect relevant data so you can make intelligent decisions. Here are some of the specific benefits of CRO applications:

  • Increase revenue. When you know which of your online assets perform best, you can take advantage of these to maximize conversion. You can make data-driven decisions and strategize accordingly.
  • Optimize web presence. You can create highly effective call-to-action elements, content, and other web assets. This increases the opportunities for conversion and lead capturing.
  • Enhance customer relationships. CRO tools allow you to have an in-depth understanding of your customers’ behavior. As such, you can take advantage of various opportunities to engage, especially during their critical points in their customer journey.
  • Tap new markets. With the ability to explore the demographics of your visitors, you can explore new markets that you would otherwise miss. You can begin analyzing these new markets for their ROI and conversion potential.
What are the features of conversion rate optimization software?

Modern CRO platforms include many functionalities. However, they should include the following core features:

  • Speed test. It analyzes the overall speed of your page and how various elements contribute to the loading time.
  • Analytics. This consolidates all relevant data for easy understanding, such as clicks, scrolls, viewed products, and more. You can also set goals and benchmarks to measure your overall achievements.
  • Readability tools. It scores your content based on how easy (or difficult) it is to read. It should also make recommendations to improve your content.
  • Survey tools. These collect feedback from your visitors through polls, quizzes, questionnaires, and more. The collected information can then be analyzed and used as the basis for various decisions.
  • Heat map. The tool makes it easy to determine which parts of the page attract the most visitors and provide conversion opportunities.
  • A/B testing. It allows you to test designs of pages, ads, and more to optimize the final product.
What is the easiest conversion rate optimization software to use?

Conversion rate optimization applications integrate various tools, which can be overwhelming in the beginning. However, modern designs and structure allow ease of use so you can get started right away. Here are some examples:

  • Freshmarketer. The platform includes some of the most powerful functionalities around. However, its strength lies in various automation tools that make it easy to boost conversion and sales even with a small team. You can target specific customer groups, analyze web metrics, and more in just a few clicks.
  • FACT-Finder. The CRO software targets ecommerce businesses by improving search navigation and merchandising. You can personalize your web presence to maximize sales and turn visitors into regular customers.
  • Hotjar. This tool allows you to easily collect customer feedback so you can improve your web assets right away. This all-in-one solution is easy to install as it utilizes one script for various platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and more.
What is a good free conversion rate optimization software?

Small businesses and start-ups usually have limited budgets, especially for conversion rate optimization software. Fortunately, there are solutions that come with free plans. Here are a few:

  • Freshmarketer. This intuitive CRO software comes with a Sprout plan which is free of charge. It already includes a web form tracker, email builder, and contact list management, among other functionalities.
  • Hotjar. The platform provides a free basic platform that includes 2,000 pageviews a day. You will also have access to reports and data storage for a year.
  • Smartlook. The qualitative analytics tool provides free plans for both websites and mobile assets. It includes events, funnels, and heatmaps to get you started. You can also save your data history for a month for proper analytics.
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